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David Farias: Master of the Squezze-Box
A short bio of Grammy Award winning and Tejano Hall a famer David Farias. From Los Hermanos Farias to Los Texmaniacs.I made this video for his induction into the Tejano Music Hall of Fame.Please...
Now Booking Dates but hurry dates are going fast! The band that has done it all is BACK! David and Juan Farias Los Hermanos Farias, Formally  of "La Tropa F “
Holds on to your cowboy hats, Los Hermanos Farias are back! Their long anticipated brand new album “Back on Track” is now available.  After 7 years of being apart, the original Los Hermanos Farias are back together and ready to ride that train again. David, Juan Farias, bringing back the old style Conjunto everybody loves and misses. There ain’t no covers here baby!  The original singer and accordion musician, David Farias, along with his older brother Juan Farias on drums, are here to show everyone how it’s done. The cd, issued by RO Records, was recorded at Julian Johnson and Ernest Gonzales' Reel Track Records studio.
“It’s a privilege and honor to be able to record, book, and manage icons that I followed musically in my younger years,” said Julian Johnson.
David Farias took a little break to tour with another band and even won a Grammy on his little break.  But deep in his heart, he knew the only place he wanted to be was on stage with his true brothers and he vowed to bring them back one day to where they should have never left. Well, today that day has come, and that train is starting to chug along, taking the Farias for a 2nd ride!
 “We create our own style from where we came from, the Conjunto music. We're going on 40 years in the music business. It feels great doing it again with the brother. It's always been there. Kind of like riding a bike, you never forget. The touch is still there, no doubt about it.”
“It's a lot of fun,” said David Farias.
Juan Farias was able to get the long rest he so deserved and focus more on his immediate family. He also had the pleasure of grooming a few special little ones that now look up to him every day.
“. Words can’t describe how it feels to have a 2nd chance playing with my brother once again,” said Juan Farias.
Although the brother hit a few road bumps and got a few bruises along the way, they also had a few learning curves.   The most important lesson they learned was how valuable and fragile both family relationships and friendships truly are. And these two things are what brought them back together to show others how true family sticks together through thick and thin. Now there’s nothing that can derail or stop THIS train.
These two gentlemen are the essence of what music should be today and role models everyone can look up to.
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